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How Machine Learning Is Generating Strange, New Sounds - ft. Andrew Huang

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WARNING: At ~9 minutes in, there will be flashing lights for 15 seconds. Watch Andrew Huang’s video w/ his full track → Check out the Magenta website → Subscribe if it pleases you to do so →

Listen to Andrew's track "Rainbowgram" on...
Google Play:

Project Magenta is a Google Research project that uses machine learning to create new tools for artists and musicians. One of these tools is NSynth, a neural synthesizer that generates strange, new sounds like “cat flutes,” “beast guitars,” and “screaming 3D printers.” In this video, I explore how NSynth works, and talk with Andrew Huang about his process creating a song entirely out of NSynth generated sounds.

~~~~Magenta Links!~~~~

*Magenta I/O 2017 talk →
*NSynth: Sound Maker →
*NSynth blog post →
*NSynth research paper →
*AI Duet →
*Infinite Drum Machine →

See the 60,000 year-old bone flute for yourself →
Image courtesy of Google Arts & Culture →
Image courtesy of National Museum of Slovenia →

~~~~Thanks to these amazing people who helped me make this video!~~~~

Vibe Mountain is a wonderful music person and friend. He created all of the music in this episode (with the exception of the snippets of Andrew’s track). If you’re interested in listening to more of his music, you can do so on Spotify → and iTunes →

Also a big thanks to...
*Kyle Graffam ( for the amazing editing and encouraging me to headbang.
*Monica Kim ( and Waleed Zaiter ( for the beautiful graphics and being so fun to work with.
*Walter Green ( for all the help art directing and bringing the good vibes.

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