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Collection Of Animals 8K HDR 60FPS

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Animals In Exceptional 8K 60FPS Quality For Your 8K TV.

My Videos Are Great As A Video Demo Or Tv For The Living Room , Office , Lounge , Waiting Room , Spa , Showroom , Restaurant , Etc. Play It In Your Oled TV , Smart TV , Roku , Apple tv , Chromecast , Xbox , Playstation , Wii , And More...!

Total Numbers Of Footages In This Video Are ▶ 70.

Here Is The Video Description From First To Last By Numbers And Time ▼

1 : Funny Grey Whiskered Cat Looks Around. 0:00
2 : Adorable Cute Jumping Spider Insect Macro Salticidae. 0:17
3 : Golden Longicorn Beetle Insect Macro Closeup. 0:35
4 : Broad Tailed Gecko Lizard Reptile. 0:49
5 : Closeup On A Frog In A Marsh Water. 1:09
6 : Cat Lies Under Grapevine. 1:30
7 : Turtle Feels Frightened And In Danger And Goes Back Into Water. 1:50
8 : Iguana Looks Straight Into The Camera. 2:02
9 : Yellow Slender Robber Fly Insect Compound Eye Macro Closeup. 2:18
10: The Crocodile Is Surrounded By Turtles. 2:36
11: Wild Falcon Portrait. 2:49
12: Chameleon Adapted To His Green Color Scenery. 3:16
13: Philippine Tarsier Sleeping In A Tree When Wakes Up And Opens His Big Eyes. 3:30
14: Adult Iguana Terrarium Zoo. 3:48
15: A Male Wood Duck On A Lake. 4:17
16: Scanning Eye Of Chameleon. 4:35
17: Portrait Of A Young Snow Owl. 4:52
18: Mammal Animal Chimp. 5:27
19: Macro Of Chameleon Looking Around With Its Unique Swiveling Eye. 5:45
20: Iguana Lizard Peeping From Behind A tree Trunk. 6:15
21: Grasshopper Sitting On The Grass An Interesting Perspective Macro. 6:28
22: Frog Near The Waterfall. 6:44
23: Siamese Crocodile Crocodylus Siamensis. 6:55
24: Rock Wallaby Kangaroo Australia Native Wildlife Close Up. 7:06
25: Close Up View Of Ostrich Head In Zoo Blured Background. 7:18
26: Close Up Of A Young Moose Calf On The Forest Floor. 7:45
27: Big Iguana In Zoo At Tenerife. 8:08
28: Close Up Frog In The Wild Hid Among Leaves And Sticks Macro Shooting. 08:25
29: The Green Tree Frog Sitting On A Branch At Night In Greece. 8:42
30: Snow Monkeys Or Japanese Macaques Macaca Fuscata At Jigokudani Monkey Park In Japan. 8:58
31: Peacock Looking Around In Saint Naum Macedonia. 9:13
32: Chameleon In Cage At Store. 9:29
33: Cute Kitten On White Background. 9:42
34: Lizard Sitting On A Tree. 9:50
35: Geen Tree Python On A Branch. 10:07
36: European Green Toad On A Rock In Greece. 10:14
37: European Common Frog At Moysalen National Park Norway. 10:28
38: Close Up From Deers Eating Grass In Arhus Denmark. 10:42
39: Close Up From A Indian Chameleon On A Branch In Sri Lanka. 10:58
40: Extreme Close Up From A Lizard Look In To The Camera In The Forest From Montezuma Costa Rica. 11:16
41: Close Up From A Lizard Warming Up In The Sun At A Rock In Sri Lanka. 11:29
42: Close Up From Two Impalas Eating In Kruger National Park South Africa. 11:37
43: Cheetah Mother With Cubs Looks After Enemies Or Prey. 11:55
44: A Large Turtle Swimming Through The Water. 12:17
45: An Animal In A Cage At A Zoo In The Day. 12:32
46: A Lone Coyote In Teh Woods. 12:53
47: African Stork In The Zoo. 13:23
48: Endangered Species Red Panda Also Known As The Lesser Panda Or Red Bear. 13:38
49: Hairy Bark Beetle Macro Closeup. 13:53
50: Close Up Of Chameleon. 14:03
51: Red Dragon Fly Insect Nature Wildlife From Cambodia Temple Complex. 14:22
52: Kangaroo Wallaby Marsupial Animal Eating Australia. 14:37
53: Two Black Monkeys With Gold Backs In His Zoo Cage. 14:56
54: Turtles On Lake Water. 15:16
55: Stork Mother Working On Her Nest On The Cliffs Of Cabo Sardao In Portugal. 15:29
56: Pink Flamingos Showing Off Their Wings During Courtship France Camargue Pond. 15:52
57: White Swan On Green Meadow . 16:09
58: Cattle Cow Farming Texas Longhorn Sunset Sunrise Landscape. 16:16
59: Silver Pheasant On The Grass Beautiful Bird Walking Outdoors. 16:33
60: Ostriches At The Farm On Summer Cute Animals Outdoors Ostrich Farming Concept. 16:41
61: Large Adult Male Deer. 16:53
62: Huge Sea Lions Swim In The Cold Waters The Kamchatka Region. 17:18
63: A Small Mule Deer Racking His Antlers In The Early Morning. 17:34
64: A Snake And A Gold Skull. 17:54
65: Praying Mantis Hanging In A Plant In Sri Lanka. 18:21
66: Male Deer Cleaning His Coat. 18:37
67: A Black Beetle Stands Motionless. 18:58
68: Mom Cat And Baby Kitties.19:14
69: Philippine Tarsier One Of The Smallest Primates. 19:28
70: Plain Tiger Butterfly In Amvrakikos National Park In Greece. 19:46


▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed.
▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected By Me, I Use Paid Stock Footage In My Channel.
▶ Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.
▶ Music In This Video From :
Species -- Diamond Ortiz
Anthem -- The Grand Affair

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